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This has been a super weird year, and it took me a long time to get my head out of a fog of 'what is going on???' to even begin to think creatively again. Luckily my excellent collaborator Anna was still up for chucking around ideas and we began to make a plan to take BEIGE online.

We'd just finished our run at VAULT Festival at the end of February when lockdown hit, and it turned out to be the perfect show to take online. Thanks to support from the Arts Council we were able to film some of the scenes over zoom (the most COVID secure way of creating it!) and then stream these over zoom interspersed with live stand up from Alex (played by Em Thane).



Alex, a non-binary teaching assistant, is attempting their first ever stand up gig - but thanks to COVID-19 they’re gonna have to do it via zoom. Featuring a mixture of live comedy and pre-recorded theatrical scenes, this “terrific piece of drama” which is “quietly affecting” showcases a bold new way of moving theatre online.

Originally performed at VAULT Festival 2020, it was nominated for Show of the Week, and Lyn Gardner wrote that it was "written with vim and delicacy". Thanks to support from Arts Council England we have adapted the show so that it has become an interactive online performance rehearsed, recorded and experienced via zoom.


Check out some of our ace audience responses:

“Pushing the boundaries of theatrical experiences by cleverly interacting with the audience. Companies like this are setting the benchmark of what is possible” - School of Scenography

“Beige Online completely blew me away, going in to it I wasn't too sure what to expect from a ZOOM performance but the team exceeded my expectations! The creativity that went into working out how to do camera angles over zoom was incredible to see and the writing made my queer heart so whole!! All round it was just stunning!” - Jacob Edward, Gaydio Manchester


“Just had the pleasure of watching the matinee of #BEIGEonline (from the sofa, complete with homemade muffin and a cuppa) It’s funny, clever and prods right into your emotional core. Catch the last show tonight!”


“Just watched @WeAreMagna's show #BEIGEonline - complete with stand-up. It was excellent queer theatre! Happy and sad and relatable. My first ever Zoom theatre show, but so good that I want more!”


“If you want to see how IRL theatre can translate brilliantly into a touching, funny (and smart and important) piece online, don’t miss today’s performances”


Guys, @WeAreMagna’s #Beige is just fantastic. So far I’ve cackled my face off, nearly cried AND spied my mum, boyfriend & best mate in the audience! It really feels like theatre


“A genuine dream of an evening ...@WeAreMagna are something very special indeed. Congratulations to the magnificent folk involved.”


Live theatre! Watched Anna Wheatley’s superb#BEIGEonline tonight in the comfort of my own home. Us audience were socially distanced but laughed & clapped together. Huge shout-outs to the perfect cast @emthane @Whyte_Jordan Sukey Willis @MrJevvy


Follow @WeAreMagna on twitter to get more updates, and check out #BEIGEonline on twitter and insta to see more about the show!

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